Apartments by the Garden Site


Explore the four generously proportioned rooms situated in the main house, facing the central garden room. Two of these rooms are located on the ground floor, and the other two are on the 1st floor, each uniquely decorated as individual flats.

These approximately 23 m2 flats are curated for 1-2 guests, featuring a private bathroom and a mini-kitchen equipped with a sink, cooking facilities, a fridge, and crockery.

The two single beds are arranged separately, offering two somewhat secluded sleeping spaces. During the day, these beds can be transformed into sofas, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room.

Come and unwind as you enjoy your own modest outdoor space that overlooks the garden landscape at the heart of the complex.


  • Size: 22 m2
  • Capacity: 1-2 persons 
  • Location: 2x ground floor, 2x 1st floor
  • Facilities: 2 single beds; bathroom with shower and toilet; kitchenette (cooking facilities, refrigerator); dining and workspace; private, small exterior space; WiFi

*** minimum stay 3 nights ***1


from 3 nights€60
from 1 week€50
from 1 month€25
*for each stay, a final cleaning fee of €30 is charged, and a fee of €15 is applied for each provided linen set (2 towels, bed linens)


per day€5
per week€20
per month€60
*subject to availability

Simply send us your request to 
or use our contact form.

  1. Single-night stays are only available in conjunction with an event at TagungsTraum.  ↩︎