Welcome to StadtOase InnoPolis

The StadtOase InnoPolis is located in Magdeburg Buckau, near the river Elbe, with a tram stop right outside the door, close to the city center, and numerous cultural institutions.

You’ll discover a large, attractive garden landscape with ponds, water features, covered terraces, and individual retreats for conversations, group work, or relaxation.

Spacious, multifunctional rooms allow for the hosting of various events.

Different-sized apartments for medium- and long-term stays are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Up to 60 guests/participants can be accommodated.

Planning an event/conference/meeting…? At the StadtOase InnoPolis, we are happy to assist you in creating the best and most suitable space and setting for your needs.

The boarding house at StadtOase InnoPolis offers a distinctive alternative to hotels and leased apartments. It welcomes individuals who either have a brief stay or an extended visit in Magdeburg, or those seeking a tranquil and centrally located accommodation in the city.

Our boarding house boasts 25 uniquely designed guest rooms, each providing a private outdoor space for your personal retreat. The inclusion of a small pantry kitchen and a dining area enables guests to maintain their privacy, allowing for the preparation of snacks and drinks throughout the day and evening.

This „temporary accommodation“ proves to be an appealing solution for various needs, catering to project staff, training or seminar participants, business partners, trade fair visitors, guest lecturers, interns, and students.

Moreover, the boarding house offers the flexibility of individual overnight stays in conjunction with events held at the TagungsTraum house.

The TagungsTraum house is dedicated to providing you with relaxed and invigorating meetings, conventions, and conferences. These are not just rooms; they are spaces with a rich history, having undergone eco-friendly renovations or constructions. They manage to be both functional and cozy, adapting seamlessly to various event formats or even helping you bring to life the events you’ve always envisioned.

The atmosphere conducive to creativity is further enhanced by the fact that all rooms have a connection to the garden landscape at the heart of StadtOase InnoPolis. With ponds, trees, roses, perennials, wildflowers, watercourses, and numerous seating areas, including covered terraces, these outdoor spaces offer ideal retreats for conversations, group discussions, and relaxation.

We offer five distinct meeting and conference room ensembles, each featuring its own furnished outdoor area. All spaces come equipped with a blend of seminar and lounge furniture, and two of them even include a private kitchenette and toilet facilities. This setup allows you to follow your own rhythms without any constraints.

In each of the five units, you’ll find projection screens, flipcharts, as well as glasses and crockery. Additionally, every unit provides access to your own terrace and/or garden, creating a personal lounge area outside.

Our event team is dedicated to assisting you in preparing and organizing your plans and events, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.